Christmas wish list of a 10 year old

We’re not real big about celebrating Christmas with piles of presents at our house.  I don’t think our kids would even be able to quickly rattle off a huge wish list of “wants” if someone were to ask “what do you want for Christmas?”.  They might come up with one or two things if given time, but there aren’t any Christmas wish lists laying around our house.

Until this year.  Lillia, one of our 10 year old daughters, and our oldest birth child, has a 2010 Christmas wish list.  There is only one thing on it – but she wants five of them.  She has her eyes set pretty high, but is undaunted by any suggestions it might not happen.  She’s quite determined.  She’s titled her wish list.  She’s even recorded a video telling anyone and everyone who will listen what she wants.  Did I mention she’s rather determined?

You better have a listen…

With the coins in your pocket, you can help make Lillia’s Christmas wish come true….

Lillia’s Christmas Wish