Today I Said Goodbye

Today I said goodbye.
Goodbye to a dream to which the Lord led me.
Goodbye to the hopes of being a world changer.
Goodbye to stubborn insistence that love is enough.
Today I said goodbye.
Goodbye to prideful refusal to ask for help.
Goodbye to long-term denial that something needed to change.
Goodbye to felt pressure to be a poster child for a cause.
Today I said goodbye.


Tomorrow I shall say hello.
Hello to transformed and redeemed dreams from the Lord.
Hello to The World Changer.
Hello to difficult realities that love is never enough.
Tomorrow I shall say hello.
Hello to humility and dependence on my Helper.
Hello to hope of a fresh start.
Hello to authenticity and transparency.
Tomorrow I shall say hello.


Life is a series of goodbyes and hellos.  Of broken dreams and dreams transformed.  Often times life doesn’t make sense, and we’re stuck wondering what went wrong, and where we went astray.

I’m not so sure, in those troubled times, that we did go astray.  God never promised that our lives would be easy or simple when we chose to follow Him.  In fact, God promised quite the opposite.  We’re told that we’re “blessed when [our] commitment to God provokes persecution.  The persecution drives [us] deeper into God’s kingdom.” (Matthew 5:10, MSG)  Perhaps these times of struggle, the goodbyes we must utter, are intended to draw us closer to Him.

Are you facing a series of goodbyes and hellos?  How are they driving you deeper into God’s kingdom?

  • Erica Meyer

    I hear your sadness, but also hope, and embracing the gifts God has given you while accepting your human weakness.  The post is sad, but not.  Just like you!  Thanks for sharing, and thanks for refusing to be pushed into the box some human mind is trying to shove you into (the “poster child” line…LOVE IT!).  (((hugs)))

    • Kristen

      Erica – Thanks for the hugs and smiles your comment brought. You helped me see a bigger picture of the very post I wrote, and so I thank you for that. Isn’t it amazing how we can write one thing, have a friend read it, and show us something that’s there, bigger than we even intended? Very cool. So – thanks for reading, thanks for commenting and thanks for teaching me!

  • Susan Honan Ak

    Dearest Kristen
    I remember some advice David Ruiz gave at a Toronto Vineyard conference on worship many years ago.  He said something like ” We don’t always understand the spiritual gift that God has put in a person, because we haven’t ever seen it operating in our ministry context before.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t valid.  He then encouraged us as leaders to make room for people even when we don’t understand the gift.   There is room for you in Christ’s body, with the giftings He has uniquely given you.  “Let your light so shine” sister.  You are an encouragement to many of us! 

    • Kristen

      Susan – Thanks for the kind comments. I am blessed to have the opportunity to put thoughts and emotions into written words that uplift, encourage and enlighten through His guidance. And as I do so, I am discovering greater ways to let my light shine, and am so amazed that it blesses and encourages others in the process!

  • Bobby Rouge`

    While we may never be able to undo all of things of our past…What we can do…Is to become someone that we never were.

    Bobby Rouge`