A day in the life

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall?  To just sit back and observe without being noticed?  Based on questions we often are asked, there seems to be a great fascination and interest in being a fly on our wall to see what a typical day looks like at our house.  So I've jotted down a few highlights from throughout today to give you a little sneak peak in a day in the life of the … [Read more...]

Why 10 kids?

As I was sitting in the ER last week with chest pains, dizziness, shortness of breath and heart palpitations, the doctor was asking a variety of questions to get to the bottom of my symptoms. The casual question came up as it always does, "And do you have any kids?" "Yes, we have a few kids." "A few?" "Well, actually 10." The doctor about fell off his stool, sputtering with … [Read more...]

Christmas wish list of a 10 year old

We're not real big about celebrating Christmas with piles of presents at our house.  I don't think our kids would even be able to quickly rattle off a huge wish list of "wants" if someone were to ask "what do you want for Christmas?".  They might come up with one or two things if given time, but there aren't any Christmas wish lists laying around our house. Until this year.  Lillia, one … [Read more...]

What’s going on over there?

Note:  This column will be published in the Glendive Ranger Review on Sunday, November 14th.  Although it was written to a local audience in Glendive, Montana where I live and serve, it also serves as a good introductory piece for this blog and to myself. When was the last time you got stuck in a traffic jam? It probably wasn't here in Glendive unless you count having to wait for … [Read more...]