Just Get a Job!

We gathered as family groups in the large student center. I was Laura Thirty-Six, age 15, and soon got acquainted with my sister Jenny (age 13) and widowed Dad, Mike (age 37). Our situation looked bleak from the outset. Dad was out of work and collecting unemployment. His check didn't even cover our rent - nonetheless food, utilities, gas or medical expenses. Desperate to provide for … [Read more...]

Guns….According to Jesus

I live in Montana so as you might imagine, guns are just a natural part of living. It's almost as if one's first breath of Montana air – either as a transplant or native-born – triggers an automatic gun-toting, gun-loving mentality. Not quite, but almost. My friends from other states – states lacking equivalent gun-allurement – endlessly joke, and curiously question whether I, a … [Read more...]

Finding the Missing God

I was a 5th grader at McDonald Elementary School in Moscow, Idaho.  I was in the middle of my awkward stage - a stage my mother assured me every child went through.  My stage just happened to be a little more problematic, a little more prolonged and a little more pronounced than everyone else's. The homework from music class was fairly straightforward on that fateful day.  Bring a … [Read more...]

A response to 9/11

Where were you on 9/11/01 - a day, that for our generation, will live in infamy? Approaching the 10th anniversary of that awful day, a day when extreme evil was perpetrated against our country and her people, that “Where were you?” question has echoed in coffee shops and locker rooms, along dusty country roads and around dining room tables. Where were you? And yet, no matter where we … [Read more...]

Barbados’ role in the Revolutionary War

How are George Washington, Barbados, small pox and the Revolutionary War connected? Unless you're familiar with the obscure yet interesting story, you might be thinking "nothing!"  But that's hardly the truth.  In fact, it could well be that the Barbados-small pox connection to the Revolutionary War was a key aspect in the troops' eventual success.  You see, George Washington spent … [Read more...]