Same song, different verse

As I gazed out the window this morning, only one thought came to mind - "Seriously?!?!?  More snow?!"  Did the weather gods somehow forget it was April 19th and we've had snow since September?  Haven't we had enough of that white stuff already? Truth be told, I actually quite like the snow, but even I have had enough already!  Snow is glorious in the winter.  But it's way past time for … [Read more...]

A grateful heart

I rolled over in bed, having slept in until 9:30 AM, and smelled something yummy.  Opening my sleepy eyes I noticed a tray sitting on the bed with the "You Are Special Today" plate, mug and matching napkin.  On the plate was a beautiful omelet, and the mug held steaming hot raspberry tea.  Then I noticed a small white card on the side of the tray.  "Dear Mom, I made you this breakfast … [Read more...]

Ok, that was a little funny

I admit it - sometimes I can be a little slow.  Take yesterday for example.  My six daughters, mother-in-law and myself drove down to Gillette WY.  I was the speaker at the High Plains Community Church Victorian Tea which was held today (April 16th).  We drove down on Friday and upon arriving into town, immediately went out to the church.  After getting a tour of the beautiful facility … [Read more...]

Leaving a glitter trail

I was hardly inside the front door when I first noticed them.  As I took off my jacket, the colorful sparkles again caught my eye, and I visually followed a trail all the way around the entire living room.  Glitter!  What mother doesn't both love and cringe at the thought of glitter?!  Even though they now were laying down for an afternoon rest, I knew immediately that Kia and Josiah had … [Read more...]

Who do you say I am?

The other day two of my kids "switched" places.  They wore each other's clothes and wanted to be called by their "new" names, and would in fact, only respond when called by the correct name (until it was time for lunch, and then they came running regardless!).  The excitement and novelty wore off by mid-afternoon, just about the time I had trained myself to call each daughter by her new … [Read more...]