An encouraging word

I’ve gotta be honest.  The past three weeks have been really tough.  Outside of a few days, I have basically been stuck in bed, resting and feeling awful due to my “heart condition”.  I’m not really one to rest, relax and take it easy for more than a day, so these weeks have been particularly challenging.

Last night right before falling asleep, I wondered aloud, “What is God trying to teach me through this?”  I didn’t really come up with an answer, but just asking the question did help me to reframe my experience and rethink my response.  That question will be something I’ll think about over the next several days leading up to my heart procedure on Friday.

In the meantime, I’ll also keep focusing on the positive things for which I’m thankful.  And, I’ll relish in and appreciate the thoughtfulness and kindness of friends.  This morning one such friend stopped by with a small “Get Well Soon” gift.  The verse on the card and beautiful “Hope” ornament provided me some much needed words of encouragement.  And her hand-written note made me smile – “You are in our prayers.  Get well soon…you have work to do!”  If I was starting to question my dreams of writing and speaking those simple five words, “you have work to do” reminded me to persevere.

I don’t know where each of you are at as you read this.  Maybe you too need a word of encouragement.  Maybe you’re struggling through something and the future looks bleak.  Or perhaps you know someone in your own circle that needs an encouraging word from you.  Never doubt the power of a simple word.  We never fully know how our encouraging words can bless and uplift.

The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face
to shine upon you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace
Numbers 6:24-26