Conquering death – changing lives

“Living He loved me – Dying He saved me – Buried He carried my sins far away – Rising He justified freely forever – One day He’s coming – O glorious day!”

Until that glorious day comes, we can yet celebrate that He is alive and lives even today.  He is risen – He is risen indeed!  Death could not hold our Saviour and so we rejoice and follow a living God.

But His resurrection is not the only thing we celebrate.  For it is by His sacrifice and love that we can stand justified, forgiven and redeemed.  We follow a God that not only conquers death, but literally changes life.  What has His power done in your life?  How has love rescued you?

Tonight at The Bridge we reflected on those very questions and then we shared.  We gave witness to ways Jesus had impacted and changed our lives….not with the spoken word, but the written word using a simple piece of paper.  Have you seen this powerful way to share a testimony?  Take a look at the example we watched tonight:

With the song “Arise My Love” playing in the background, we too shared our own cardboard testimonies.  It was both powerful and beautiful to get a small glimpse into the journey each person is taking.  Here are a few samples from the night.  As you read these, reflect on what your cardboard testimony would say…