What if…

What if we were to judge someone’s capabilities, not on their gender, but on their gifting and abilities?  What if we first considered how they could best be utilized by the Lord to build His Kingdom, instead of whether they are male or female?


What if we recognized that, after all, all Spiritual Gifts come from the Father?  What if we asked ourselves whether God would mistakenly gift a woman with abilities that would be unbiblical for her to use?  What if she were a gifted theologian, teacher or pastor?  What if she had the gift of leadership?  What if she were “an ideal candidate” except for the fact she was female?


What if our standard conclusions about certain Scriptures may in fact not be accurate?  What if other conclusions actually better fit with the text as a whole?  What if we at least were willing to make exceptions for women to be in church leadership to the same degree we see “exceptions” in the Bible? What if we considered whether our understanding of certain Scriptures were more an indication of ancient eastern culture than biblical commands?


What if someone asked these questions, and encouraged others to ask them as well?  What if we honestly explored some of these issues?


Where would it lead….

What might happen….

Not for women…

Not for men…

But for the Kingdom of God?