I was with the Lord

My eyes were closed, my hands were lifted, my voice was raised and I stood before my King and sang directly to Him.  It was just Him and I.  He was my “Audience of One” and the worship was powerful.  I lost track of where I was, who I was with and even what words I was singing.  My attention was focused solely on Him.  There were tears of passion and a profoundly peaceful quietness that settled in my soul.  I was worshipping my Creator, my Redeemer, my Lord like never before.

When I opened my eyes, I was actually shocked to see the flashing lights and the video screens, and soon remembered I was in an arena filled with 5000 other ladies attending the Women of Faith conference.  But in that moment of pure worship, all of that was gone.  I’ve worshipped before – many times.  And many times it’s been powerful and moving.  But today was somehow grander, and yet also simpler.  As the moment passed, I knew I had been with the Lord and it was amazing.  I wouldn’t have even been surprised had someone said I somehow glowed, or they saw something strange about me.

There was depth, peace, quietness, serenity, acceptance and love.  My mind was focused on Him and Him alone.  There was richness, joy and sweet surrender.  And I worshipped.  I worshipped with every ounce of my being.  The Creator of the world invited me to His side and He listened as I worshipped.

Today I was with the Lord and my life is forever changed.