It’s the little things…

It’s the little things in life that you come to miss when you’re away.  As much as we tend to focus on the big things in times of stress and anxiety, it truly is the small details that make life such a joy.  Here are a few snippets from the day:

  • Literally five minutes after leaving the last rest stop, one of the five year olds just had to go.  We pulled off on the next exit for him to do his business alongside the road (there just isn’t much to choose from in Eastern MT!).  Apparently, it was the exact spot they had stopped after dropping me off at the airport almost two weeks ago!
  • Conversations like the following with a certain 5-year old boy:
    J: I’m wearing underwear today!
    Me: Oh, that’s great (he doesn’t normally…)!
    J: Well, they’re inside out…
    Me: And why are they inside out?
    J: Oh Mom! It’s inside-out underwear day!
  • Josiah was telling “jokes” and his grandma answered one correctly.  Cracking up Josiah said, “Ha ha Nana – that’s a good one!”
  • Enjoying a quick Taco Bell lunch, one little boy fist-pumped his chicken burrito proclaiming, “THIS is the best food EVER!  I will ALWAYS get chicken burritos!!”
  • Arriving home only to find out that our front door keys had been misplaced sometime during the weekend.  So without a spare key stashed somewhere, we had to break into our own house!
  • Cuddling with girls on my lap…and several others lining up for their turn.
  • Smiles, hugs and joy at little gifts I brought home with me.
  • An evening magic trick show featuring “Olesya live from Ukraine” and her handy assistant “Lillia from Idaho”.  After several great tricks that involved disappearing cups and paper that didn’t get wet, the girls started planning their “act” for the Homeschool Showcase of Abilities.  Let’s just say ketchup and sawing someone in half made for some great laughter!
  • Plans were made to go to the local jeweler’s to get a certain 9 yo’s ears pierced for the 3rd time…we’re hoping the 3rd time is the charm after two failed attempts to keep the earrings in her ears!  She’s paying this time, so maybe that’ll help!
  • Finding my bed “decorated” with pictures of all ten kids arranged neatly amongst the pillows.
  • Being shown icky toes with athlete’s foot fungus by my 10 1/2 yo daughter and having a discussion about, “that’s why you wear clean socks everyday!”  To which my 8 yo daughter pipes up, “Clean socks every SUNDAY?!”
  • Having to rescue my DQ Blizzard from being eaten by my weird cat.
  • Being told “I’m so glad you’re home!  Life just seems so much more real when you’re here.  You bring so much life to our lives!” by my 18 yo daughter.

Ah yes, it’s great to be home.  Of course the laundry is piled high, suitcases still need to be unpacked, and my schoolwork looms with much due, and all undone.  But at least for tonight I’ll ignore those “big things” and relish in enjoying the little details that I missed.