Jury duty?!

I got a letter the other day from the Clerk of the US District Court.  Even though it was addressed to me, I just stuck it in John’s pile of mail.  I don’t like to open mail that looks “icky”.  I wasn’t sure why I’d be getting a letter from the US District Court, but figured it certainly wasn’t announcing that my long-lost Great Aunt had died and left me millions, or that I’d been selected for some special recognition or award.

John smirked as he saw the envelope, and told me I better open it.  “What is it?” I asked innocently.

His expression helped answer my question.  “It isn’t jury duty, is it??!!”  Truth be told, I was selected – it just wasn’t for any recognition – unless you call jury duty “special recognition”!

Like a good citizen I filled out the questionnaire, although I had to chuckle about a few questions:

  • How much education have you had past grade school? Umm…like junior high?  Oh yea, and high school?  And…???
  • Have you had your civil rights taken away and served a prison sentence longer than a year? No, I still have all my civil rights (though some days it doesn’t seem like it!) and less than a year is prison is apparently acceptable…
  • Do you have a mental or physical disability? Does having 10 children count?!
  • Under Exemptions: Are you employed on a full time basis as a public official or government police? No, but can I join now and become immediately exempt?
  • Has your primary residence for the past year been in this state, and in this same county? I am a citizen of heaven!
  • Do you read, write, speak and understand English? I actually prefer Pig Latin or German, but will converse in English if necessary…
  • Are you now employed? I’m a busy homeschool teacher of 10 – please tell me you consider that being employed! 🙂

In all seriousness, I support the US Judicial System and in general, a trial by peers is a good idea.  I just don’t have time to be anyone’s “peer” right now.  But, considering this is the first time ever being called for jury duty, I can’t much complain.  I answered the questions honestly and seriously as a good citizen should and sealed up the envelope.  It was ready to go out in the mail first thing tomorrow.

Of course, then I had to open the sealed envelope to glance over the silly questions to write this blog post.  So now the envelope is torn, ripped, and re-taped with packing tape.  Great, now they’ll probably call me for sure, certain that someone tampered with the questionnaire.  After all, who in their right mind would ever homeschool 10 kids?!