Where there is no vision

...the people perish. (Prov 29:18a) One of the final projects I've been working on this week for seminary is writing my personal mission and vision statements.  It's been a challenging, fun exercise to imagine and articulate the direction my life is taking.  Where do I see myself in five years?  What am I doing?  What have I done?  At the end of my life, what do I want to have … [Read more...]

What’s going on over there?

Note:  This column will be published in the Glendive Ranger Review on Sunday, November 14th.  Although it was written to a local audience in Glendive, Montana where I live and serve, it also serves as a good introductory piece for this blog and to myself. When was the last time you got stuck in a traffic jam? It probably wasn't here in Glendive unless you count having to wait for … [Read more...]