Saying Goodbye to Zim

We clasped hands across the row of seats - seats 28A, 28B and 28C - as we taxied down the runway and into air, squeezing tighter as the ground got further and further away. Not a word was said as all eyes simply stared out the window, unwilling to divert our longing gaze away from the ground. I sat in the middle seat - 28B. In the middle I had the distinct advantage of clasping two … [Read more...]

Of Bucket Lists, Prayer Needs & Being Blessed

As the sun shone through the frosted windows this morning, I delighted in hearing the laughter and interactions of my kids. Several sat at computers, completing their lessons, some donned winter gear to play in the fresh snow despite single-digit temperatures, and others searched for cities around the world using latitude and longitude coordinates.   “Mom, is this where you're … [Read more...]