When cats get hit

Monday morning as I drove into Portland to attend seminary classes, I noticed a car pulled off on the side of the road.  As I drove by, the driver hurriedly got out of her car, and then I noticed it.  Lying a few feet in front of her tire was a cat, struggling to get to its feet.  It had obviously been hit accidentally by the driver.  I don't know what ended up happening to that cat. … [Read more...]

Cats…from the dark side?!

We have three cats. Yes, it's true. I could be called the "Crazy Cat Lady".   Somehow it even seems more acceptable to have ten children than three cats. But I have both so you could probably just call me the "Crazy Lady" and most everyone would agree. But I digress.... We never planned on having three cats. The first cat came after some serious research, studying, and reading by … [Read more...]