Kids, Hotel Soaps & 62 Pennies: Lessons in Gratitude

We received a surprise visit yesterday from my Grandpa Ken who lives in Nova Scotia.  He called me when he was just 200 miles away, letting me know he would be arriving within the next few hours.  When he finally arrived - what a joy it was to see him, hug him, and even hear his well-worn jokes!  It had been 4½ long years since our last visit.  The kids eagerly crowded around to greet … [Read more...]

Dedicated to Dima

It began as an inkling, an interest, a possibility, but developed and grew until their hearts beat boldly with conviction; their souls brimmed with love. He was their son and yet he lived not in their home. While he played unknowingly in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, they prayed intentionally in Ocala, Florida. Jenny and Eric enjoyed, even embraced, what they considered a complete happy existence … [Read more...]

Stolen bikes

Ah, the lazy days of summer seem to finally have arrived! Backyard BBQs, baseball games and bike rides with the family. I myself have great memories of my little sister Kathy and I riding bikes to the local Giant-T store in Moscow for 10-cent ice cream cones. Maybe you also have similar memories. Perhaps too you can imagine the dismay of our kids discovering two bikes missing from our … [Read more...]

T-ball mishaps

I'm a big-picture gal.  If necessary, I can focus on nitty gritty details, but generally speaking I don't operate that way.  Take today for example.  We have seven kids playing softball or t-ball this summer on three different teams.  On a game night I generally aim at getting everyone to the fields on time, in (correct) uniforms with their gloves, having eaten dinner.  Tonight was no … [Read more...]

Master of the Door

"No you're not!  NO YOU'RE NOT!!  KIA - NO YOU'RE NOT!!!" By the time Josiah's final "no you're not" reached epic volume levels, I knew it was time to check on my two five year old boys who had been tucked into bed for the night.  I found each of them on their beds.  Kia, with a sly smirk on his face, kept mumbling into his pillow - not loud enough for me to understand, but clearly … [Read more...]