Leaving a glitter trail

I was hardly inside the front door when I first noticed them.  As I took off my jacket, the colorful sparkles again caught my eye, and I visually followed a trail all the way around the entire living room.  Glitter!  What mother doesn't both love and cringe at the thought of glitter?!  Even though they now were laying down for an afternoon rest, I knew immediately that Kia and Josiah had … [Read more...]

Loving the least of these

Have you ever faced a situation, and thought, "I don't know what to do!!"?  You pray and seek out the counsel of the Holy Spirit, ready to obediently respond, if only you knew what that obedience looked like.  Sometimes we can feel like that even in the simple day-to-day details of life.  We want desperately to live a life of sacrifice, obedience and purpose as a response to the grace … [Read more...]

Emergency preparedness kits

Today was the annual health fair at our local events center.  I knew the kids wanted to go so I created a scavenger hunt for them to complete in teams of two, and sent them on their way.  With signatures to gather, items to collect, information to learn, books to buy and giveaways to sign up for, the kids loved their chance to independently wander and look around. After everyone … [Read more...]

Blessed by my Junior Volunteer

Today my 11 ½ year old daughter became a Junior Volunteer at the hospital.  I couldn't have been more proud as she followed the nurse into the bingo room at 3:25 PM (she wanted to be early!), eager and full of excitement for her first day of "work".  I knew that her friendly smile and joyful spirit would touch and warm the hearts of the residents she'd meet.  I knew because it's that … [Read more...]

Friday night fun at the Marble’s

If you've ever thought that having ten kids must be all work and no play, think again! Friday nights are typically movie nights around here, but I think now we've found something even better! Friday nights (and well, let's face it, many other nights) are going to become Wii "Just Dance" nights! With couches pushed back, we all joined in the fun for the Indian/Bollywood "Katti … [Read more...]