An Avoiding God?

Do you believe in mind reading? You know - the ability for someone to read exactly what you’re thinking? If you’ve been walking through some tough times lately - with your finances, health, relationships, or just life-in-general - and you read Psalm 10, you might just be convinced that somehow that author read your mind and wrote down your thoughts! How many times have you wondered, … [Read more...]

Holy Spirit on the Move

Let me tell you a little story about how the Holy Spirit moves and works.  What I'm going to tell you is neither new nor unknown.  It is, however, surprising and amazing, and if you're anything like me, encouraging. Yesterday morning as I was gathering my clothes for the day, I bent over to pick up a belt.  As I bent down, a friend's name immediately and randomly popped in my mind.  I … [Read more...]

The Post No One Will Ever Read

Here it is, the eve of the end of the world, December 20, 2012.  It's mysterious to me why I sit, yet again in front of this computer screen, attempting to coalesce a few hundred words together into a coherent essay.  Why bother on this night, for surely this will be the post no one will ever read. But alas, I find myself with nothing else better to do.  Sure, the house needs cleaning … [Read more...]

Banishing the Darkness

"Banishing the Darkness: Where Do We Go From Here?" was recently published on Huffington Post - take a look. Twice this week I have watched with horror the Twitter feed, Facebook status updates and live online reporting of events that exposed the rampant evil in our world.  Shootings at Clackamas Town Center in Portland.  Massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. … [Read more...]

My 40th Birthday Wish

Today I turned forty. When I was a kid, forty sounded really old.  Now that I've made it to that "really old age", it doesn't hardly seem old at all.  In fact, I feel like I'm just getting started on life.  It's just in the last year that I've discovered a real love for ministry, for writing, and for speaking.  It's just in the last year that I've gotten serious about pursuing these … [Read more...]