Picnic on Sunday: When Life Interrupts

The minutes were ticking by faster than I was making progress.  It was Sunday afternoon and my planned day of final sermon prep, studying and co-rec volleyball games overwhelmed the remaining hours.  With the sun shining in the windows and rare 70F spring temperatures, focusing on the undone work ahead required the utmost in concentration. A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts.  … [Read more...]

Finding vital connections in road construction zones

Even though the calendar declares we're still solidly in the middle of winter, I doubt I'm the only one dreaming of carefree, adventurous summer road trips. Driving on the open road instills a sense of freedom and escape, not easily recreated when we're homebound during cold, snowy winter months. During previous summers I have found myself behind the wheel - driving to Mt. Rushmore, … [Read more...]

Friendship….with God?!

Think of your best friend.  Picture them in your mind.  Recall all the fun times you've had together...making memories, sharing in struggles, talking all hours of the night, laughing over good times, crying through the hard times.  What is it about your friend that attracts you to them?  How is it that your relationship has lasted through the years? I remember fond times in junior high … [Read more...]

Fire-breathing dragons

Our five year old boys have amazing and wild imaginations.  Josiah in particular is usually a different animal every day.  For several days he was a "Little Panda" and wouldn't respond to being called anything but that.  On Friday Josiah chose all green clothes because he was a turtle.  On Saturday he was a bear, and as we walked around the block to my in-laws, he bear crawled across the … [Read more...]

Shivering with (temporary) cold

After a hot meal, a large hot coffee, and a ride in a car with the heat turned up, I was starting to unthaw.  Sitting here now on a comfortable bed under several warm blankets, wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, I'm finally feeling warm.  How did I get so cold? Well, according to Darrel, a gentleman I met tonight, it's because no women are warm-blooded.  Personally speaking, I'd have … [Read more...]