Christmas is all about presents…

When I was a kid growing up, Christmas was a big deal.  Well, I should say that  presents were a big deal.  We were given a lot of gifts by my parents – some practical things like socks and pajamas, and some fun things.  But without fail, my sister and I were always given one big gift each year – gifts like a bike, walkman, boom box or camera.  Sometimes that gift was waiting under the … [Read more...]

Lessons from “Henry”

Have you ever been given a gift whose meaning and significance have blown you away? The gift might not really be worth all that much from an economic perspective, but its value is indeed great. That happened to me today, this gray, cloudy Monday morning. Still in my pajamas, and bemoaning a stomach flu bug that won't subside, someone knocked on my door. Opening the door, I saw the … [Read more...]