Life lessons from overtime, extra innings and five-hour-53-minute matches

News of the record-breaking five-hour-53-minute Australian Open final match greeted me this morning as I checked email.  I still can't wrap my mind around such an intense competition lasting that long.  Can you even imagine? The marathon showdown delighted fans around the world, and rightfully earned descriptors such as "amazing" and "incredible".  But tennis isn't the only place we … [Read more...]

Finding faith along the shore of a lake

The cool Minnesota lake, just one among ten thousands, laps at the shore, its waters pulled imperceptibly, drawn mysteriously, beckoned silently in a single direction. I imagine my life, just one among ten thousands, being imperceptibly pulled, mysteriously drawn, silently beckoned. “Come forth and follow Me,” I hear, turn, and respond, desiring the single direction, the focused goal, … [Read more...]

What a backwards shower curtain taught me

Every morning as I drag myself out of bed, and stumble to the shower, I can always count on the predictable smile that will soon light up my face. It isn't the the hot water - though that helps. It isn't the 10 minutes of relative peace and quiet - though that's relished. It isn't even the dedicated time to pray - though that lifts my soul. No, what brings a smile to my face … [Read more...]

From Complementarian to Egalitarian: When God’s Call Inspires Change

Several years ago when we first began looking for a family vehicle, I fell in love with Mercedes Sprinter vans and suddenly, I couldn't escape being inundated with Sprinters. UPS drivers sported fancy brown Sprinters. Fed-Ex drivers delivered packages in Sprinters. Hotel shuttle drivers drove Sprinters. Everywhere I turned, I saw a Sprinter, or so it seemed. Similarly when I applied … [Read more...]

Writing on the Windshield of Life

Parking my car in the mostly-full parking lot, I noticed it parked two spaces down. I'm not entirely sure what caught my eye about the black blazer, except maybe its dirty exterior. But truth be told, most every car in the parking lot that day, including my own, was equally dirty. There's just something about sloppy, snowy roads that makes keeping a vehicle clean about impossible. As … [Read more...]