Yield: An Invitation for Ash Wednesday

None of us like to suffer.  None of us willingly embrace struggles.  None of us freely choose to deny ourselves that which we most desire. We just don't.  The happy, successful, easy, self-fulfilled life is what we eagerly seek, long for, and even expect.  All too often the entire trajectory of our lives reverts to simply avoiding pain and attaining self-importance.  Day after day we … [Read more...]

Clamoring for a diet coke

I've only fasted a few times.  And honestly, every time I did fast it showed me how weak and immature my faith was.  During those days of fasting it was all I could do to turn to the Lord in prayer amid the grumbling and growling of my stomach.  I felt like a failure, but at the same time was resolved to walk closer to Christ, so persevered.  I know without a doubt my struggles were … [Read more...]

As dust of the ground

"For you were made from dust and to dust you will return."  (Gen 3:19) Many paused to reflect.  Others expressed profound sorrow and mourned.  And in Ash Wednesday services around the world, people went forward in humility and reverence before their God.  They prayed, knelt, and bowed.  And upon their foreheads they received a cross of ashes, with the recitation of simple, yet profound … [Read more...]

These forty days

On this Ash Wednesday evening, with 40 days of Lent having just begun, the words of this hymn reflect my heart well.  May they minister to your heart as well.  And as you consider what your next 40 days will look like, be sure to watch this amazing video featuring 40 drawings of Jesus in the wilderness by Si Smith, and the song "40 Days" by Matt Maher.  Be blessed! Lord, who Throughout … [Read more...]

Preparing to reflect…

Several months ago I wrote about a precious gift given to me by "Henry".  The generous gift's value wasn't monetary, but sentimental. Unexpected, undeserved, thoughtful gifts like that children's Bible from Henry sometimes catch us off guard. Every time I notice it sitting on my bookshelf, I can't help but smile and recall its meaning and significance. In fact, the more I reflect on … [Read more...]