Seeking the Shalom of the City & Inviting God to Work

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Persecution…or Opportunity?

Have you ever faced persecution? Real persecution? Unless you’ve spent time living overseas as a local in a creative access country, the answer is most likely “no”. We like to throw the term “persecution” around a lot these days. The checker at Walmart doesn’t wish us Merry Christmas. Our nephew’s elementary school performs a “Winter Concert” and sings “Frosty the Snowman” instead of … [Read more...]

Do Not Neglect Your Gift

In a tender exchange between father and son, I witnessed the passing of a baton from one generation to the next - an exchange filled with great hope, anticipation, and sincere prayers for a God-filled future. So intimate was the moment, I felt like I was trespassing; and yet I had been welcomed into the moment, so I sat, watched and learned. So too is our scripture passage from 1 … [Read more...]

God…Out of the Box

God is the Ultimate Paradox and the embodiment of tension.  He is fully knowable, and yet beyond our comprehension.  We are designed by God to know and connect with Him. While our language may fail to describe or name God, our soul leaps, our mind is stirred and our spirit recognizes God's very presence and guidance. All of creation expresses God, but like a single piccolo attempting to … [Read more...]

God’s slave

"Mom, Kia says God has a slave."  Josiah's loud pronouncement startled me away from my reading, while also answering my puzzlement over what they had been so heatedly discussing for the past several minutes. Unsure how to respond, I looked up at Josiah.  "Really?  A slave?"  Scrambling for the proper words to correct and educate my two five year old boys, my thinking was cut … [Read more...]