Finding my Fit

Jesus instructs, He informs, He implores: “You are not of this world” and although my heart attunes itself away from this world and upward to heaven, my soul still strives to fit in, strains to find its niche and struggles to flourish upon this earth. One might describe this life - my travels, my journey, my pilgrimage – as one of fits and starts, missed turns and dead-ends, roundabouts … [Read more...]

Seizing opportunity

I admit it.  I've been moping a little bit lately. I know, I know - I shouldn't mope.  It's rather unbecoming, quite foolish, and highly ineffective.  Frankly, if one of my kids acted the way I have been lately, I'd have sent them to their room until they had a better attitude!  So I'm working on a much-needed attitude adjustment.  And to do that, rather than focus on what isn't … [Read more...]

Living in the sweet spot

Ah, the joys of summer!  Backyard BBQs, hide-and-seek in the dark, camping trips and softball.  Growing up, no summer was really complete without softball. I have great memories of playing catch in the front yard, city league teams which my dad coached, and playing shortstop in the cool summer nights.  None of those memories, though, could ever surpass that feeling of hitting a line … [Read more...]

You alone

"Lord, keep my eyes fixed on You alone." "Lord, keep my eyes fixed on You alone." "Lord, keep my eyes fixed on You alone." That short little prayer has been on my heart and mind all day.  It represents the cry and chorus of my life.  But as tomorrow afternoon comes ever closer, it is reaching crescendo levels. Have you ever stood on the threshold of something significant...something … [Read more...]

Taking a test

All throughout school, teachers always said tests were to assess what you knew and what you had learned.  Occasionally teachers also considered tests to be an assessment of how well they had taught.  But an interesting thing I've found with some tests I've been taking lately is that tests can also tell us what we don't know.... As I type this post tonight, it is from a hotel room in … [Read more...]