Standing on the toilet seat

Curious about the banging that was coming from the bathroom, I glanced up just in time to see Kia climbing on top of the toilet seat.  Steadying himself, he jumped up and forward, reaching and straining for something.  As soon as he landed, he climbed up again.  And then again.  Just as I was about to intervene, sure that he was going to end up in the toilet, or crashed on the floor, I … [Read more...]

Dangling the carrot

Need motivation?  Trying to motivate others? What's the best way to get things happening?  Traditional understanding suggests using incentives.  Just dangle that carrot in front of someone until you get the desired results.  If that doesn't work, obviously you don't have the right "carrot", and just have to keep searching for whatever it is that motivates... But interestingly, that's … [Read more...]