Transforming frustration

Today was a really rough day.  Strangely, there is nothing specific I could really point to that happened, but at every turn I just kept coming up against some major frustration.  Even writing this post, WordPress locked up twice, and I had to rework and rewrite what I lost. "What's the point?" echoed in my head.  I have this sense about how things should go, and nothing seems to be … [Read more...]

Four tips for handling criticism

Ah, poor Charlie Brown.  Can you relate - have you ever been criticized?  Who hasn't been, right? But how do you receive criticism?  Do you shut down, get mad, become despondent, react defensively....or do you grow and improve?  Obviously criticism can be offered in a variety of ways - some helpful, and others only seemingly hurtful - and the way in which it's offered can have serious … [Read more...]


Today I turned 39 and began the last year of my 30s.  I think back just ten years ago when I turned 29, and remember looking forward to entering my 30s.  I had been married for 7 years, was living in my hometown in Idaho, and had a 5-month old baby girl.  I wasn't entirely sure what the future held, but would have never even begun to imagine anything about my life today! In ten short … [Read more...]

Finally breaking through

Every time I drive across town, I pause to look.  Around town, you hear people making predictions of when it's going to happen.  In fact, you can guess the date in a community-wide friendly wager.  And as soon as something starts to happen, status updates are made on Facebook: "The river's going out!  The river's going out!" Prior to living in Glendive, located on the Yellowstone River … [Read more...]

Why men shouldn’t be ordained

This has been a tough week for me. I've shed a lot of tears, said many prayers, and tried through it all, to keep my eyes focused on the Lord and what He would have me do. You see, I've been involved with discussions about the topic of whether and how women can serve/lead in ministry.  This is a really challenging topic - and something far bigger than me for sure.  The discussions … [Read more...]