I am (Pastor) Kristen

On Sunday afternoon I will ring a bell, be let in through the security gate, sign in, put on the required name tag and be escorted to the gym for my allotted hour. The generic name tag simply says "Clergy" but as the residents at the felony DUI incarceration and treatment center file in, I introduce myself simply as "Kristen". Leading the worship service at the facility once a month … [Read more...]

Integrating the Two Me’s

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but as a newlywed I got caught up in the story lines of the soap opera "One Life to Live" for one or two summers.  I recall very little of the saga (there was actually very little worth remembering!), except for Viki Lord who struggled with multiple personality disorder.  I'm not exactly sure why I remember that struggle so vividly, except maybe it was my … [Read more...]

Finding my Fit

Jesus instructs, He informs, He implores: “You are not of this world” and although my heart attunes itself away from this world and upward to heaven, my soul still strives to fit in, strains to find its niche and struggles to flourish upon this earth. One might describe this life - my travels, my journey, my pilgrimage – as one of fits and starts, missed turns and dead-ends, roundabouts … [Read more...]

Being S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D

With her blue cotton tights puddled at her ankles, giving the impression she had chosen them from my closet instead of her own, I just had to ask.  "Anabella, what's wrong with your tights?" Sighing she grumbled, "Mariyana wore them and stretched them out!"  Looking at the tights, I immediately knew that explanation was accurate.  Tights may be designed to stretch, but not quite as … [Read more...]

Making a difference

It's often the little things that one does, almost without thinking, that ultimately make the biggest difference.  Last night while I was at my first Toastmaster's meeting, John enjoyed a great night home with the kids.  They made hamburgers and set up a tent in the front yard to eat dinner in.  This morning as he was getting ready to leave for two days, he joked and played with the kids … [Read more...]