Lectionaries, Themes, God’s Power and Reading Big & Small (April 20 Devotion)

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“Messy: God Likes it That Way” Book Review

I'm a mom. In fact, I'm a mom of ten kids. Yes, ten. You might think a mom of ten kids would be naturally accepting, even if by default, of disorder and messiness. You might think so, but you'd be wrong. Although I can usually put up with a little mess for awhile, eventually a pile of legos, stray school books, or a growing pile of papers on my desk puts me over the top. And from that … [Read more...]

The Six Senses of Right-Brain Thinking: A Model for Ministry?

In the first half of A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink establishes the basis and rationale for his suggestion that right-brain aptitudes are increasingly necessary in our era, which he terms the Conceptual Age. Without negating the value of left-brain reasoning, Pink suggests six specific proficiencies: design, story, symphony, empathy, play and meaning. When combined with more traditional … [Read more...]

God’s slave

"Mom, Kia says God has a slave."  Josiah's loud pronouncement startled me away from my reading, while also answering my puzzlement over what they had been so heatedly discussing for the past several minutes. Unsure how to respond, I looked up at Josiah.  "Really?  A slave?"  Scrambling for the proper words to correct and educate my two five year old boys, my thinking was cut … [Read more...]

Your life as a story

Who doesn't love a great story?  A story that captures our heart, our mind and our imaginations.  A story that moves us, inspires and uplifts.  A story that endures and persists.  Of all the stories you know, what's your favorite?  Maybe it's the story of a historical figure, fictional character or even a relative. But have you ever considered your own story?  Author Donald Miller whose … [Read more...]