My 40th Birthday Wish

Today I turned forty. When I was a kid, forty sounded really old.  Now that I've made it to that "really old age", it doesn't hardly seem old at all.  In fact, I feel like I'm just getting started on life.  It's just in the last year that I've discovered a real love for ministry, for writing, and for speaking.  It's just in the last year that I've gotten serious about pursuing these … [Read more...]

Use your words…wisely

I can't even recall what the little argument was over, but a container of markers somehow ended up stuck in the middle of the disagreement.  As the two kids simultaneously grabbed for the container while trying to keep it away from each other, I interrupted them.  "Stop!  Use your words.  Talk about what the problem is - don't just grab and push!" With a little encouragement the two … [Read more...]

I just can’t

They all said it would be ok, that it would work out, and you should give it a try.  But you can't convince yourself.  You think back to the previous three times you did try, and failed...miserably.  It wasn't safe then, and you have scars to prove it.  What makes now any different?  After all, isn't it just better to stay put where at least you know what to expect?  "Sure," you think, … [Read more...]

Keeping those pesky resolutions

Lessons from the Shepherds Whether you make official New Year's Resolutions or not, most of us have started 2011 endeavoring to spend more time in the Word, and with God.  I was re-reading Luke 1-3 this afternoon and discovered some interesting lessons from the shepherds' response to encountering the God of the universe.  They are lessons that we'd all do well to heed in this new … [Read more...]