FIXATING on the Crucifix

One hangs from my kitchen window.  Bought at the end of a disappointing day in Santa Fe in December, and crafted from red chili peppers, it is my most unique version, and reminds me that all things can be redeemed - even grumpy days. Another hangs on the wall by the front door.  Hammered from recycled tin drums by artists in Haiti, it demonstrates that beauty and hope can rise from … [Read more...]

EATING the Seder

With Easter quickly approaching, anticipation at our house is building for our traditional egg fights and kielbasa-horseradish-egg-mayo "slurries".  It just wouldn't be Easter without competitive egg fights that always mysteriously have a raw egg or two thrown in for good measure.  Nor would Easter be complete without seeing at least one or two be brought to tears for ingesting a tad too … [Read more...]