Finally home

One year ago I paced excitedly back and forth, staring at the top of the escalator, willing for familiar faces to finally arrive. The kids giggled nervously amongst themselves with posters and gifts in hand. Friends, reporters and even strangers who had been touched by the story waited as well, eager to see a long-awaited and much-talked-about union. It was January 26, 2010 at the … [Read more...]


The past two days have been filled with a variety of emotion...fear, peace, anxiety, commitment, love, joy and thankfulness.  My prayer throughout the procedure was, "Lord, I have only begun to serve You and Your ways, and to walk in the path You have ordained for me.  I want to be your servant.  I give you my future and my life.  May the meditations of my heart, the may the steps I … [Read more...]

An encouraging word

I've gotta be honest.  The past three weeks have been really tough.  Outside of a few days, I have basically been stuck in bed, resting and feeling awful due to my "heart condition".  I'm not really one to rest, relax and take it easy for more than a day, so these weeks have been particularly challenging. Last night right before falling asleep, I wondered aloud, "What is God trying to … [Read more...]