30 minutes a day

Read a good book lately?  I love to read, and often have 3-4 different books that I’m in the middle of reading.  The only problem is that I often get so involved in a book, everything else gets put aside while I devour each delicious page.  But when I close the book for the final time, I have days of work I have put aside and ignored while I enjoyed the latest great read.  And consequently, reading gets put on the back burner until I get caught up again.

Two years ago at the 2009 Willow Creek Leadership Summit, Pastor Bill Hybels encouraged all leaders to read just 30 minutes a day.  He said that by so doing, it would place you among the most well-read in your field.  That’s hard to believe, but a quick google search confirmed this in several different places.  According to Mr. Cheap at MoneySmartsblog.com, by reading just 30 minutes a day in any topic, you can become an expert in that field.  I’m not too interested in becoming an expert in a field, but being well-read definitely is important to me.

So, at the advent of 2011, I am committing myself to reading a book at least 30 minutes a day (in addition to the many books I read for seminary and sermon prep).  Some will be fiction.  Most will be non-fiction.  They’ll be from a variety of authors – some I agree with, others I don’t, and even more I don’t know enough about to know whether I agree or disagree!  As I read, learn, grow and discover new things in the pages of a book, I’ll take a few minutes to share them here.

The first two books on my bedside table that I’ll be digging into are these:

Paul: A Novel by Walter Wangerin


Radical: Taking Back your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt.

What books are you reading right now?  Do you want to join me on the 30-minutes a day challenge?