“Of what are you anxious?” my Father asks,
“And why do you worry?”



My mind wanders and I can’t think of an answer
And wonder what I’m hiding or ignoring.



“Of what are you anxious?” my Father presses,
“And why do you worry?”



Is there really nothing in me that comes from fear?
Am I fully fearless?



I consider my life
And walk through my days
And finally consider whether failure
May be a fear



Do I fear failure
And not being good enough?
Do I fear not meeting my own expectations?



Is it in doing that I find freedom?
That I find acceptance and love?
Do achievement and success rule my day,
And form my identity?



“Find your identity in me, my child,
And give me your worries.
You are good enough,
In fact, you are highly favored and loved.
Your doing is only the fruit of being mine –
Not the way to My side.”


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