Fire-breathing dragons

Our five year old boys have amazing and wild imaginations.  Josiah in particular is usually a different animal every day.  For several days he was a “Little Panda” and wouldn’t respond to being called anything but that.  On Friday Josiah chose all green clothes because he was a turtle.  On Saturday he was a bear, and as we walked around the block to my in-laws, he bear crawled across the snow-covered sidewalks most of the way.

So it really came as no surprise when he announced tonight, to anyone willing to listen, that he was a fire-breathing dragon.  He crawled around the living room, roaring and breathing fire on the bad guys.  Eating his dessert in the living room, John told the fire-breathing dragon that he should come “heat up my cake”.

“Ok!” squealed the dragon as he bounded excitedly over to John.  “Why did you already eat all the frosting, though?” he asked, sadly.

“I was afraid it would melt when you heated it.”

“Oh.”  Then the fire-breathing dragon grabbed John’s fork, pierced a large piece of cake and started to eat it.

“What are you doing?  You’re supposed to heat my cake up!”

Laughing the fire-breathing dragon giggled, “I thought you wanted me to EAT it!”  With that, he grabbed the plate, ran into the kitchen and stuck it in the microwave.

I guess even fire-breathing dragons need help sometimes….

That’s probably a lot like us.  No matter what gifts, abilities and talents we’ve been given, we can’t do it alone.  Sometimes we need to rely on something or someone else.   God Himself lives in perfect community – God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  We too were designed for community.  God said that it wasn’t good for man to be alone.

As we start another week, who can you reach out to?  Who can you invest your life into?  With whom can you engage in community?  The person might be someone in your own house – or across the world.  Connecting with them might happen over a cup of coffee, or using today’s social media and technology.

And while the community we seek and engage in here on earth is vital, it pales in comparison to that relationship the Father longs to have with each one of us.  Do you know Him?  Have you met with Him today and talked?  Have you heard His love letter He recorded for you in the Bible?

We weren’t meant to go it alone.  Even if you’re the fiercest, strongest fire-breathing dragon, sometimes even you will need a little help now and then!