Making a difference

It’s often the little things that one does, almost without thinking, that ultimately make the biggest difference.  Last night while I was at my first Toastmaster’s meeting, John enjoyed a great night home with the kids.  They made hamburgers and set up a tent in the front yard to eat dinner in.  This morning as he was getting ready to leave for two days, he joked and played with the kids as they cajoled, teased, tackled and pleaded with him to either “stay home” or “take them with him”.  Thinking themselves quite clever, the kids hid among the seats as stowaways as John drove off, and playing along, he ended up bringing them out for breakfast on his way out of town.

It really is the little things that mean so much.  Those memories of eating dinner in a tent (surrounded by snow piles not yet melted) and eating pancakes with dad after hiding in the van will last a lifetime.  Each one of us are given gifts everyday with which to make a difference – gifts like 24 hours in a day, our smile, our kind words, our encouragement and support, our attention and our arms to offer hugs.  Take the time each day to pause just long enough amongst the busyness to make a small, yet vital, difference in someone’s life.  We just never know the full impact of a simple act.

Take a look at this true story about a very simple act, and how it changed a community.  As you watch, think about how you too can make a difference…