Ok, that was a little funny

I admit it – sometimes I can be a little slow.  Take yesterday for example.  My six daughters, mother-in-law and myself drove down to Gillette WY.  I was the speaker at the High Plains Community Church Victorian Tea which was held today (April 16th).  We drove down on Friday and upon arriving into town, immediately went out to the church.  After getting a tour of the beautiful facility and meeting several of the ladies, the girls and I began looking around at the gorgeous table settings.  As we were ready to leave, I noticed the director of the Women’s Ministry cutting out laminated cards with a Bible verse on them.  Curious which verse it was, I quickly read the text.

“Oh – I love that verse!”  I exclaimed.  “Micah 6:8 is my favorite!”

Dana, the director smiled kindly at me, but seemed to have a little smirk about her.

When we all got back to the hotel it suddenly dawned on me why she had given me a funny look.  When I was invited to speak, they asked me for my favorite Bible verse and I had told them Micah 6:8.  The cards were no coincidence – they had Micah 6:8 on them precisely because that was my favorite verse!  Um yea…did I say I’m a little slow sometimes?!  I’m just thankful they didn’t call the whole thing off after the ditzy first impression I gave everyone!