Parenting advice

Parenting is a tough job these days.  There are times when everything is going smoothly, and as much as you’d love to enjoy it, you start looking over your shoulder wondering what’s coming!  And then there are those tough times when all you can do is laugh about it, in hindsight.

Take last night.  The stomach flu has been slowly making its way through our house.  Lillia was the most recent victim.  I remember her coming into our room last night complaining her stomach hurt.  I’m not sure how much time passed after that, but I realized John wasn’t in bed anymore.  Half asleep I wandered into our bathroom, didn’t see anything, and wandered back to bed.  A few minutes later he returned to bed.  “Is everything ok?  Can I help?” I sweetly ask.

“It’s ok.  I already cleaned up all the throw-up.”

“Oh, ok…” I muttered drifting back to sleep.  “Can I do anything to help?”

“Why don’t you go check on Lillia and make sure she’s ok…”

“Lillia?  Who’s Lillia?”

Ok, so I was a little out of it last night.  I’m not normally known for my with-it-ness in the middle of the night, but usually I at least know the names of our children.  It all turned out fine, but this morning I went hunting for some good parenting advice just to brush up my skills and came across this.  I thought some of you too might need some help as well: