Standing on the toilet seat

Curious about the banging that was coming from the bathroom, I glanced up just in time to see Kia climbing on top of the toilet seat.  Steadying himself, he jumped up and forward, reaching and straining for something.  As soon as he landed, he climbed up again.  And then again.  Just as I was about to intervene, sure that he was going to end up in the toilet, or crashed on the floor, I heard Kia exclaim, “YES!” as he ran out of the bathroom.

And then I figured out what he was doing.  Our upstairs bathroom light has a pull chain.  It’s one part of the bathroom that hasn’t yet been remodeled because there are much more pressing needs.  So, that’s what he was up to…Kia was trying to turn off the bathroom light by climbing on the toilet seat, and jumping with hand outstretched toward the pull chain.  His solution was quite ingenious really.  I smiled, thankful I hadn’t interrupted him, pleased with his creativity, and truth be known, grateful he hadn’t fallen in the toilet!

Sometimes our life looks a lot like Kia standing on the toilet seat.  We’re poised and ready to jump, knowing our creative ideas might be the only option to conquer the challenge.  But jumping, with your hand outstretched, doesn’t always end with the desired results.  It might take several attempts until you actually catch the chain.

And then of course there’s the concern about falling in the toilet – whatever that may be for you.  But, like Kia, we’ve got to keep our eyes fixed on the goal, not the fear.  To be honest, I’m not sure Kia was ever really concerned about falling in the toilet – it was my concern.  If he’d fallen in, he would have likely just laughed it off, and kept jumping!  Sometimes well-meaning others can introduce fears and concerns that haven’t worried us, or even occurred to us.

And finally, had I interrupted Kia’s attempts, I would have suggested a more “reasonable” approach to turning off the light.  While my way would have been less risky and quicker, it wouldn’t have had Kia’s “flair” that made me smile.  Don’t let the world’s ways extinguish your flair and creativity!  Climb right up onto that toilet seat and jump away!