When God shows up

There’s something magical – something beyond words – something inordinately special – something indescribable when God shows up.  When you’re in that place, and get to experience the move of the Lord…you’re left speechless and overwhelmed.  And when you get to be a part of the move of God….it’s an awesome experience.

I’ve never taken the opportunity to speak, teach and preach the Word of the Lord lightly.  It’s an act of incredible joy, but also one of extreme responsibility.  And the more I speak, the more aware I become of that responsibility.  But I’m also realizing just how much God shows up and moves among His people.  He of course is always present, and always moving, but there are times when we become more present and attentive to Him.

When was the last time you experienced God showing up?

When God shows up
hearts are moved and lifted
tears flow
and lives are changed.
When God shows up
peace is experienced
joy is present
and hope returns.
When God shows up
He speaks a special word
to each listening ear.
When God shows up
love becomes tangible
and the word becomes visible
in the community of friends.