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Possible signs your tree is big…

1.  The tree must be pulled over by 10 kids and 2 adults while a 3rd adult saws it. 2.  More of the tree hangs OUT of the back of a full-size pickup than is IN it. 3.  The tree requires a remodel of the front doors to even get it in the house. 4.  An army is necessary to drag the tree inside. 5.  Even with the remodel, the tree still barely fits through the 5' double doors. 6. … [Read more...]

Church & Religion, They’re Not for Everyone…

I distinctly remember the first time I ever tried it.  It was my mom's idea.  She thought it would be enjoyable for our family.  She was wrong - it was far from enjoyable.  In fact, it was all I could do to muddle through it, longing for it to be finally finished.  In over thirty years, my opinions about it have only become even more disapproving.  And now, it's become an on-going issue … [Read more...]

Motivation laments

I admit it - motivation has been waning here and there, especially toward the end of the week.  In fact, several facebook status updates have reflected as much!  Here are two such updates....the funny thing is, I have lots of motivation for writing creative little quips about not having motivation! 19 Nov 2010 RED ALERT: The National Get-Work-Done Service has issued a red alert for … [Read more...]

You intended to harm me

I don't think I'm the only one wondering about God's plan and design in allowing an evil one to be ruler of this world.  As I look at the atrocities committed against innocent women and children, and the devastating effects of war and global poverty, I question how the devil could ever be part of God's big picture. While I don't have an answer for this, I am reminded of God's promise to … [Read more...]

Christmas is all about presents…

When I was a kid growing up, Christmas was a big deal.  Well, I should say that  presents were a big deal.  We were given a lot of gifts by my parents – some practical things like socks and pajamas, and some fun things.  But without fail, my sister and I were always given one big gift each year – gifts like a bike, walkman, boom box or camera.  Sometimes that gift was waiting under the … [Read more...]