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Tough Monday?

It doesn't matter what we do - Mondays always seem to roll around after the weekend, don't they?  How was your Monday?  Did it leave you longing for Friday - counting the hours until the next weekend?  Or did you have a pretty good day?  For us, our Monday actually went quite well, as long as we didn't venture too far from the comfort of our wood stove!  With highs of only a chilly -11F … [Read more...]


As you might imagine, bedtime at the Marble house is a rather sacred, protected time.  We have established a pretty regular routine of devotions, pajamas, last drinks, bathroom, prayers and lights out.  For the most part, the kids are quite good about going to bed for which I am extremely thankful.  After a long day, there is nothing sweeter than the peace and quiet that envelops the … [Read more...]

Dangling the carrot

Need motivation?  Trying to motivate others? What's the best way to get things happening?  Traditional understanding suggests using incentives.  Just dangle that carrot in front of someone until you get the desired results.  If that doesn't work, obviously you don't have the right "carrot", and just have to keep searching for whatever it is that motivates... But interestingly, that's … [Read more...]

I can fly

Earlier this week we were looking at dreaming dreams and then making them happen (Are you dreaming? and Don't just think about it!).  And perhaps some of you were encouraged to brush off those dusty dreams, and even to take some initial steps to make them happen. But I know some dreams just seem impossibly unreachable.  We've recently celebrated our girls finally coming home from Haiti … [Read more...]

Actually, today was the day

So you know how yesterday we celebrated our girls being "finally home"?  Well, it was sort of a lie.  Just a little white lie.  But yea - it was a lie. Yes, they arrived in Billings to cheers and tears.  And yes, we were finally together as a family.  And yes, all the waiting had finally come to an end.  But we didn't make it home. Don't get me wrong - that was our intention!  Just 225 … [Read more...]