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Finally home

One year ago I paced excitedly back and forth, staring at the top of the escalator, willing for familiar faces to finally arrive. The kids giggled nervously amongst themselves with posters and gifts in hand. Friends, reporters and even strangers who had been touched by the story waited as well, eager to see a long-awaited and much-talked-about union. It was January 26, 2010 at the … [Read more...]

Guest blogger: Embracing my purpose

In the spirit of dreaming dreams and making them happen, today's guest blog post is written by our oldest daughter, Mariyana.  We are honored to watch her mature into a godly young woman, and particularly excited for her to be embracing her dream of going on a mission.  I think you'll really sense her heart and passion in her post, and would encourage you to consider supporting her in … [Read more...]

Don’t just think about it!

I've heard from many of you today that yesterday's encouragement to dream (Are you dreaming?) was just what you needed to hear.  It caused you to pause, to think, to remember...and maybe even to brush off those forgotten dreams. I'm thrilled that something you read here was encouraging and meaningful.  But, please let's not stop at having been touched by a post.  Don't get busy and move … [Read more...]

Are you dreaming?

One of the most delightful ways I can spend a few minutes is to sit quietly and unnoticed and listen in on the conversations of my younger children.  It may be between Josiah and Kia, our two five-year old boys that are just six weeks apart.  Or it could be between our five girls, Anabella, Viergine, Lillia, Florencia and Olesya, that are all within just 30 months of each other. It … [Read more...]

Hope for the darkest days

Ever had an awful day?  A day when nothing goes right, and in fact, everything goes wrong?  A day when the world is against you and it seems even God Himself has turned His back to you?  A day you're sure no one could possibly understand? Take heart, for indeed someone does understand.  Lamentations was written in response to the catastrophic destruction and exile of God's own people … [Read more...]