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It’s the little things…

It's the little things in life that you come to miss when you're away.  As much as we tend to focus on the big things in times of stress and anxiety, it truly is the small details that make life such a joy.  Here are a few snippets from the day: Literally five minutes after leaving the last rest stop, one of the five year olds just had to go.  We pulled off on the next exit for him to … [Read more...]

United again!

Ah it's great to be home (well, actually I'm still in Billings for the night - but our family is at least all back together). There's nothing like being greeted by 10 big hugs from excited kids, each carrying a flower stem.  And I certainly missed all the silly little comments and jokes.  Here's a few highlights from tonight: Josiah (wearing panda ears he received at a store today) … [Read more...]

When God shows up

There's something magical - something beyond words - something inordinately special - something indescribable when God shows up.  When you're in that place, and get to experience the move of the're left speechless and overwhelmed.  And when you get to be a part of the move of's an awesome experience. I've never taken the opportunity to speak, teach and preach the … [Read more...]

Relying on God

It started last night.  The sniffles, chills, achy, exhausted feeling.  It continued into today, despite sleeping in and taking a three hour nap.  Ear ache, headache and really sore throat.  Sure, my seminary face-to-face classes are done, but I'm supposed to speak tomorrow at a women's event.  It's something that's been planned since last fall.  And I'm thrilled to have the … [Read more...]

When cats get hit

Monday morning as I drove into Portland to attend seminary classes, I noticed a car pulled off on the side of the road.  As I drove by, the driver hurriedly got out of her car, and then I noticed it.  Lying a few feet in front of her tire was a cat, struggling to get to its feet.  It had obviously been hit accidentally by the driver.  I don't know what ended up happening to that cat. … [Read more...]