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Shivering with (temporary) cold

After a hot meal, a large hot coffee, and a ride in a car with the heat turned up, I was starting to unthaw.  Sitting here now on a comfortable bed under several warm blankets, wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, I'm finally feeling warm.  How did I get so cold? Well, according to Darrel, a gentleman I met tonight, it's because no women are warm-blooded.  Personally speaking, I'd have … [Read more...]

Old Testament theologies

Tonight's post might be cheating just a tad, but I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.  Over the last day and a half of classes at George Fox Seminary, we've been studying "Authoritative Traditions or Themes" found throughout the Old Testament.  When you keep these in mind, and read the OT through these lenses, the text really comes alive!  We have a quiz on these traditions … [Read more...]

Having fun with tithing

I love when a church community is willing to have fun, laugh and be playful.  Friedman states in his book A Failure of Nerve that the inability to be playful is a definite sign of a chronically-anxious system.  Unfortunately, an awful lot of churches would fall into that designation.  But, here's a great example of a church willing to address a historically challenging topic with some … [Read more...]

I put my name in You

Lord I put my name in You. My identity has so long been in my family and who I am to those around me. I put my name in You. You are the One whom I want to be known for, that when people think of me, they would think of Christ and His willingness to serve and love. Lord I put my name in You. Give me the strength to serve through whatever is going on in my family and my life/world, … [Read more...]


  “Of what are you anxious?” my Father asks, “And why do you worry?”    My mind wanders and I can't think of an answer And wonder what I'm hiding or ignoring.    “Of what are you anxious?” my Father presses, “And why do you worry?”    Is there really nothing in me that comes from fear? Am I fully fearless?    I consider my life And … [Read more...]