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Emergency preparedness kits

Today was the annual health fair at our local events center.  I knew the kids wanted to go so I created a scavenger hunt for them to complete in teams of two, and sent them on their way.  With signatures to gather, items to collect, information to learn, books to buy and giveaways to sign up for, the kids loved their chance to independently wander and look around. After everyone … [Read more...]

Seizing opportunity

I admit it.  I've been moping a little bit lately. I know, I know - I shouldn't mope.  It's rather unbecoming, quite foolish, and highly ineffective.  Frankly, if one of my kids acted the way I have been lately, I'd have sent them to their room until they had a better attitude!  So I'm working on a much-needed attitude adjustment.  And to do that, rather than focus on what isn't … [Read more...]

Transforming frustration

Today was a really rough day.  Strangely, there is nothing specific I could really point to that happened, but at every turn I just kept coming up against some major frustration.  Even writing this post, WordPress locked up twice, and I had to rework and rewrite what I lost. "What's the point?" echoed in my head.  I have this sense about how things should go, and nothing seems to be … [Read more...]

Four tips for handling criticism

Ah, poor Charlie Brown.  Can you relate - have you ever been criticized?  Who hasn't been, right? But how do you receive criticism?  Do you shut down, get mad, become despondent, react defensively....or do you grow and improve?  Obviously criticism can be offered in a variety of ways - some helpful, and others only seemingly hurtful - and the way in which it's offered can have serious … [Read more...]

Living in the sweet spot

Ah, the joys of summer!  Backyard BBQs, hide-and-seek in the dark, camping trips and softball.  Growing up, no summer was really complete without softball. I have great memories of playing catch in the front yard, city league teams which my dad coached, and playing shortstop in the cool summer nights.  None of those memories, though, could ever surpass that feeling of hitting a line … [Read more...]