Archives for March 2011

Pretend you are…

Earlier this week, after getting our two five-year-old boys Josiah and Kia up in the morning, I told them to get dressed and pick up their rooms.  After leaving their room, I overheard this small snippet of conversation: J: Pretend you are a garbage man and you're going to throw me in the garbage can.K: No.J: Why?K: Because I'm a person and I'm going to get dressed.HA!  Don't you just … [Read more...]

Five tips for developing confidence

On a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being "not at all" and 10 being "definitely me", how would you rate your sense of self-identity and confidence?  Who or what influences and determines your self-identity?  Is it your job, financial situation, belongings or your successes and failures?  Do you look to others to determine "who" you are?  Or, do you allow and invite Scripture, and more … [Read more...]

A perfect plan & a tree

It seemed like a perfect plan at the time.  An icicle, almost 3 feet in length, dangled perilously from the gutter, directly above the sidewalk.  I could just picture it crashing down, at just the "right" time, when someone was standing underneath.  That icicle was a problem, and I came up with a great solution.  Or so I thought. Looking around for something to knock it down with, I … [Read more...]

Blessed by my Junior Volunteer

Today my 11 ½ year old daughter became a Junior Volunteer at the hospital.  I couldn't have been more proud as she followed the nurse into the bingo room at 3:25 PM (she wanted to be early!), eager and full of excitement for her first day of "work".  I knew that her friendly smile and joyful spirit would touch and warm the hearts of the residents she'd meet.  I knew because it's that … [Read more...]

A heavenly quiz

Heaven.  No matter which way you turn it seems you can't avoid a discussion, debate or dialogue about heaven these days. What is heaven?  Where is it?  Who goes there, and maybe more importantly, who doesn't?  Within the world of theology and ministry, Rob Bell's newly released book Love Wins has caused a divisive uproar among many, and even resorting to calling Bell a heretic or … [Read more...]