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Conquering death – changing lives

"Living He loved me - Dying He saved me - Buried He carried my sins far away - Rising He justified freely forever - One day He's coming - O glorious day!" Until that glorious day comes, we can yet celebrate that He is alive and lives even today.  He is risen - He is risen indeed!  Death could not hold our Saviour and so we rejoice and follow a living God. But His resurrection is … [Read more...]

Words fail

Many, many years ago I had the opportunity to see my all-time favorite singer (and let's be honest - my first "love") in a live concert.  After the show we waited outside by the back entrance to see if we might catch a glimpse of him leaving the arena.  Just when we thought we'd somehow missed him, he finally came out.  There were probably 30 of us waiting and he went along the line, … [Read more...]

In the midst of deepest darkness

I can't even begin to imagine the terror, heartache and deep disappointment.  The disciples loved Him.  They had walked away from their livelihoods, families and former lives to follow Him.  Everything they believed was shaken completely to the core and made to seem worthless and meaningless.  Dazed and shocked by the sudden turn of events, they clung to each other not knowing what was … [Read more...]

Can’t believe I forgot the towel!

A few weeks ago I wrote about God's perfect plan of redemption, in a post titled "A perfect plan & a tree".  It was a post I was particularly excited about for its creativity and message.   But today as I prepared for the Passover Seder that we celebrated at The Bridge, and began reflecting on Jesus' last supper with His disciples before His crucifixion, I realized I missed a hugely … [Read more...]

Use your words…wisely

I can't even recall what the little argument was over, but a container of markers somehow ended up stuck in the middle of the disagreement.  As the two kids simultaneously grabbed for the container while trying to keep it away from each other, I interrupted them.  "Stop!  Use your words.  Talk about what the problem is - don't just grab and push!" With a little encouragement the two … [Read more...]