Archives for May 2011

Being S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D

With her blue cotton tights puddled at her ankles, giving the impression she had chosen them from my closet instead of her own, I just had to ask.  "Anabella, what's wrong with your tights?" Sighing she grumbled, "Mariyana wore them and stretched them out!"  Looking at the tights, I immediately knew that explanation was accurate.  Tights may be designed to stretch, but not quite as … [Read more...]

Master of the Door

"No you're not!  NO YOU'RE NOT!!  KIA - NO YOU'RE NOT!!!" By the time Josiah's final "no you're not" reached epic volume levels, I knew it was time to check on my two five year old boys who had been tucked into bed for the night.  I found each of them on their beds.  Kia, with a sly smirk on his face, kept mumbling into his pillow - not loud enough for me to understand, but clearly … [Read more...]

For want of a gutter

Over the past several days the heavens have opened and we've been deluged with rain, rain and more rain.  We have reportedly received 3-4" of rain in just a few days!  The Glendive Creek resembles more of a rushing river.  The Yellowstone River is overflowing its banks.  Basements around town are soggy and flooded.  A neighboring county has declared a state of emergency.  During the … [Read more...]

Why DCW?

Last week at this time I found myself at the WinShape Retreat Center on the beautiful campus of Berry College in Rome, Georgia.  I, along with 35 others, was attending a Dynamic Communicators Workshop with comedian Ken Davis.  Without sounding overly dramatic, this 4-day workshop was one of the best things I've done in my "professional" life.  Making the financial and time commitment to … [Read more...]

Experiencing a Mother’s Love

Most of us are familiar with the images and metaphors of God as Father, King and Prince.  We even know Him as the Bread of Life, Living Water and Good Shepherd.  But what about God as....Mother?!? This past Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day.  Depending on your background and situation, this day may have been a joyous occasion with many happy memories, or one filled with dread and … [Read more...]