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The Six Senses of Right-Brain Thinking: A Model for Ministry?

In the first half of A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink establishes the basis and rationale for his suggestion that right-brain aptitudes are increasingly necessary in our era, which he terms the Conceptual Age. Without negating the value of left-brain reasoning, Pink suggests six specific proficiencies: design, story, symphony, empathy, play and meaning. When combined with more traditional … [Read more...]

Breastplate of St. Seminary

Prayers with me, Reading before me, Homework behind me, Reflection in me, Paper writing beneath me, Theology discussion above me, Iced tea on my right, Diet coke on my left, Rest when I lie down, Cohort community when I sit down, Coffee when I arise, Gratitude in the heart of every man who thinks of me, Personal growth in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me, Ministry … [Read more...]

The Intersection of Faith and Science

Increasingly, faith and science are recognizing they can learn from each other. Daniel Pink, in his book A Whole New Mind, shares an example of the Dalai Lama engaging with MIT scientists at the “Investigating the Mind” conference.  Pink suggests the two seemingly divergent disciplines can actually inform one another. As humankind delves more deeply into seeking out life's meaning and … [Read more...]

Grace-Poked Life

I once baked a lovely, decadent chocolate cake. Maybe you've eaten something like it before. When the hot cake comes out of the oven, you poke holes across the top, and spread the frosting all around. The frosting not only melts, but it also seeps into each of the poked holes, creating a rich, gooey, chocolaty taste of heaven. Every little air pocket, every little poked hole, is … [Read more...]

God on my Doorstep

God showed up on my doorstep early Sunday night. He stood outside the door for quite awhile, unsure whether to come in, or just run away. God had stringy, sweaty blond hair that surrounded her dirty, chubby, cherubic face. Tears rolled down her face, sobs convulsed through her body. "Hi there sweetie," I said, looking around for an adult who was accompanying this beautiful … [Read more...]