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The Church: One Great Murmuration for Christ

The European Starling is a small to medium-sized bird without any particularly interesting or inspiring features.  It, in fact, is most frequently referred to as the Common Starling.  But, when these Common Starlings join together in flocks, numbering in the millions, something magically beautiful transpires.  The flocks, known also as murmurations, fly together in tight formation, … [Read more...]

Is today Orphan Monday?

With tears streaming down my face, I listened, worshiped, and prayed with people from 24+ countries around the world in thousands of congregations during the live webcast sponsored by Christian Alliance for Orphans.  Weighing heavy on each of our hearts were the known and nameless, near and distant orphans of the world - the 145 million children - facing uncertain futures with no mom, no … [Read more...]

Reading the Mystics

What is the ultimate end of a Christian life?  To get into heaven?  To succeed at the American dream while maintaining Christian values?  To make a difference in someone's life?  To share the gospel with as many people as possible?  According to the Westminster Catechism, the chief end of one's life is to "glorify God, and to enjoy him forever." We glorify God when we honor who He is, … [Read more...]

Changing the Face of Church Volunteers

Visit most churches on any given Sunday, and you will most likely hear one universal refrain.  No, it isn't the Lord's Prayer, nor the Apostle's Creed.  It's the appeal for volunteers.  Whether it's in the church office, toddler nursery, Sunday School rooms, children's church, custodial work, hospitality center, outreach team or potluck committee, it seems churches are always needing and … [Read more...]

Journeying along the Path

A few short months ago, I vividly recall tweeting, "Ever feel like you've been given a message, but you haven't yet found your audience?  Yea, me too."  That tweet attempted to communicate my extensive pent-up frustration and questioning.  I clearly knew the path I wanted to walk, but didn't know how to even access that path.  I longed not only to write, but to be read.  And while I … [Read more...]