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Writing on the Windshield of Life

Parking my car in the mostly-full parking lot, I noticed it parked two spaces down. I'm not entirely sure what caught my eye about the black blazer, except maybe its dirty exterior. But truth be told, most every car in the parking lot that day, including my own, was equally dirty. There's just something about sloppy, snowy roads that makes keeping a vehicle clean about impossible. As … [Read more...]

I am (Pastor) Kristen

On Sunday afternoon I will ring a bell, be let in through the security gate, sign in, put on the required name tag and be escorted to the gym for my allotted hour. The generic name tag simply says "Clergy" but as the residents at the felony DUI incarceration and treatment center file in, I introduce myself simply as "Kristen". Leading the worship service at the facility once a month … [Read more...]